Diversity Ball visits the Dancing Stars

Diversity Ball bei den Dancing Stars im ORF

Down syndrome dance couple meets Conny & Schotti at Küniglberg

Dance professionals exchange tips for the first decision show on Friday

Visit to Conny & Schotti am Küniglberg - Down Syndrome dancers Chiara and Florian from the T21BÜNE visit Dancing Stars rehearsals and dare a short choreography with Michael Schottenberg and Conny Kreuter.

Diversity Ball, Conny Kreuter, Michael Schottenberg, Florian Schillerwein und Chiara Gartlacher, Dancing Stars 2019 © Christine Miess

The first decision show at “Dancing Stars” is scheduled for Friday. Michael Schottenberg and Conny Kreuter are currently training at full speed for the second episode of the current season, which is all about the whole thing. Nevertheless, the two have found time to meet Florian Schillerwein and Chiara Gartlacher. The two are a Down Syndrome dance couple who are members of the “T21BÜNE”.

The T21BÜNE supports the education and training of people with trisomy who are suitable for a job in the culture industry. Chiara, 21 and Florian, 32, are mainly active as actors. Florian could be seen in “M - eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder” and Chiara in the ORF comedy “Geschenkt”. On 04 May, the two passionate dancers will be represented at the Diversity Ball presented by T-Mobile with a show act in the Vienna Kursalon. The most barrier-free ball of the city is this year under the motto “Maskerade” and sets a sign for a harmonious togetherness and joie de vivre.

Since 2007, the Diversity Ball has been a symbol of a cosmopolitan culture of diversity, tolerance, accessibility and mutual respect. The Diversity Ball is the most colourful ball night of the year. It does not count gender, age, religion or origin. Not what disability you have, and not who you love. The Diversity Ball makes it clear that even though we are all different and unique, there are many things that connect us. www.diversityball.at

Short visit to the Dancing Stars am Küniglberg

Florian and Chiara were allowed to make a short visit to the Dancing Stars during the intensive rehearsals at ORF am Küniglberg. The two passionate dancers as well as the couple “Schonny” exchanged tips and tricks to deliver a perfect performance when it counts. A short choreography was also rehearsed together. “We are very happy about the dear visit of Florian and Chiara. Especially when the rehearsals are stressful, we can use a short change. You can see how much they love to dance. I think it’s great that they are so active,” says Conny Kreuter.

Michael Schottenberg is also delighted about the visit: “It was a lot of fun dancing with Florian and Chiara. Dance is there for everyone, regardless of gender, age or origin. It connects people and that’s exactly why I take part in Dancing Stars”, says Michael Schottenberg.

Michael Schottenberg and Conny Kreuter will start on Friday, March 22 with a Cha cha cha to the song “Oye como va”. They are pleased about a call under 09010 5909 - 09.

About Conny Kreuter:

Conny Kreuter is 33 years old and not only a professional on the dance floor, but also in the media scene. A sports scientist by training, she has worked for various media formats, including Pro7Sat1Puls4, Radio Stephansdom, W24, Radio Max, Radio Ö24, oe24 TV, the Austrian daily newspaper Österreich and schauTV. In addition to her speaker training, she has also taken acting and singing lessons at the Schauspielkonservatorium. In addition, she has been travelling worldwide as a professional dancer since 2007 - together with her dance partner Stefan Herzog. Kreuter is several times Austrian champion in the Latin dances single dance, multiple state champion in the Latin formation and multiple World Cup and European Championship finalist. In December 2018 she ended her active career, but now she faces new challenges and teaches children how to dance. www.connykreuter.at

About Michael Schottenberg:

Michael Schottenberg shaped Austrian cultural life as an actor, director, theatre director and author. As an actor in TV series (e.g. “Kottan ermittelt”, “Trautmann”, “Tatort”), feature films, at the Josefstadt, at the Volkstheater and Burgtheater. He directed theatres in Vienna and Berlin, wrote screenplays and worked as a director for TV and cinema. For ten years he was director of the Volkstheater Wien. He won numerous prizes for his work. He has been travelling and writing since 2017. Most recently published by Amalthea: “Von der Bühne in die Welt. Unterwegs in Vietnam” (2017) and “Von neuen Welten und Abenteuern. On the Road in Burma” (2018).

Conny Kreuter:

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Photos: Christine Miess