Life Ball Poster 2015

Präsentation Life Ball Plakat und Medaille 2015
Life Ball Plakat 2015

Conchita Wurst as Gustav Klimt’s “Golden Adele”, staged by star photographer Ellen von Unwerth, will shortly be on display in large format on the streets of Vienna and cast in Gold on a medallion by Austrian Mint. The three posters are thought-provoking not because of targeted, calculated provocation, but because of subtle allusions and wordplay. They communicate the important message of the Life Ball 2015: Change is possible and outstanding personalities like Conchita and visionaries like Gustav Klimt prove this. They not only hold a mirror to society, but they also rise from being a “persona non grata” to a “national sanctuary”.

Freedom grows where rules break.
Acceptance is a daughter of freedom.
Homeland of great daughtersons.

As testimonial for the Life Ball 2015, Conchita Wurst took on the role of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. in front of Ellen von Unwerth’s camera. “So I tried to imitate Klimt’s painting – it almost felt flagrant. I love Klimt, his paintings with all those colors, all this glamor and and all the poetry. I felt very inspired by creating an homage to this extraordinary painting,” Ellen von Unwerth enthusiastically says. Conchita’s fan Jean Paul Gaultier visited the set of the photo shoot. The iconic designer’s fashion show will be the last part of the opening ceremony on the city hall square. Gautier could also not be kept from helping with finishing the styling. The dress, which is embroidered with over 12,000 Swarovski crystals and 0.5kg of pearls and painted with 2.5kg of gold color, was made in about 1,250 working hours by the Life Ball Team and Life Ball Angels from the Fashion School Herbststraße in Vienna. “Being able to wear this art piece of a dress felt sensational,” says Conchita Wurst. She speaks very fondly of the photographer: “I love Ellen! I knew a few of her works and was incredibly excited to meet her. What a great women.” The Austrian Mint will cast the poster motif in gold to form a Life Ball medallion. 50% of the proceeds of its sale will go to AIDS LIFE.

Life Ball’s art poster campaigns

In 2013, the Life Ball started its series of art posters with a work of the two photographers Pierre et Gilles. Next up was the poster by David La Chapelle, which caused a stir in 2014 and has since become legendary. The idea behind the series of posters: World-famous artists create a piece of art that matches the respective motto of the Life Ball and that is being auctioned the day of the Ball during the AIDS Solidarity Gala in the Hofburg palace for the benefit of Austrian and international HIV/AIDS projects. In 2014, the auction of the original photo by David La Chapelle brought in the incredible amount of 180,000 euros. Before the Ball, the posters and their messages can be seen on the streets of Vienna. Like every year, Gewista urban media supports the Life Ball with out-of-home advertising media: traditional billboards and e-panels at the Karslplatz and Stephansplatz stations.

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth wurde 1954 in Frankfurt am Main geboren und wuchs in einem Waisenhaus im Allgäu auf. Im Alter von 16 Jahren zog sie nach München und startete dort eine Karriere als erfolgreiches Model. Ihr Fotografie-Talent stellte Ellen von Unwerth erstmals bei einer Modeproduktion 1986 in Kenia unter Beweis, als sie einheimische Kinder porträtierte. Im Laufe ihrer Karriere als Fotografin entdeckte die Autodidaktin unter anderem Claudia Schiffer, die sie 1989 für die Jeansmarke Guess in Szene setzte. Ellen von Unwerths Vorbilder sind die Fotografen Helmut Newton und Jacques Henri Lartigue. Sie ist berühmt für außergewöhnlich erotische Aufnahmen. Als ehemaliges Topmodel und Entdeckerin von Claudia Schiffer kennt die gebürtige Deutsche wie keine andere die Geheimnisse perfekter modischer Inszenierung.


at Swarovski Wien

Gold by Simon Costin Swarowski Wien
Gold by Simon Costin (c) Swarovski Wien

At regular intervals, Swarovski Wien surprises with its stage productions that transform the showcase window on Kärntner Straße into a stage of imagination and a playground of creativity. From March 23 to June 15, 2015 the Stage presents itself inspired by the motto of this year’s Life Ball: Ver Sacrum. Internationally renowned set designer Simon Costin interpreted the Style Bible in a unique way.

An absolute eye-catcher for pedestrians in Kärntner Straße is the spectacular gown on show in the Swarovski Wien display window which also features on the 2015 Life Ball poster. Decorated especially for the display, the window was lined with 24-carat gold leaf using the finest craftsmanship – a technique that was also common during the period of art nouveau. In the background, visitors can also discover the motif of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers – a work by Austrian photographer Inge Prader.

Simon Costin

Simon Costin was born in London and studied Theatre Design and History of Art at Wimbledon School of Art. Since leaving college in the mid 80’s, Simon has grown to become an internationally respected art director and set designer working with luxury brands and is renowned for the conceptually ambitious nature of his editorial and catwalk designs and his event conceptualising. Fashion clients include Lanvin, Hermès, Valentino, Givenchy, Gucci, Stella McCartney, YSL, Margiela, Chloé, Matthew Williamson, Bulgari and Fabergé. He is currently Gareth Pugh’s long term art director. Costin has worked with many of the world’s leading fashion photographers such as Nick Knight, Tim Walker, Solve Sundsbo, Craig McDean, Liz Collins, Jürgen Teller, Paolo Roversi, Emma Summerton, Carter Smith, Phil Poynter, Mario Testino and Steven Klein.

Costin’s work has been displayed in many exhibitions, at venues as diverse as a forest in Argyll, the ICA in London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His lifelong passion for Folklore has resulted in his launch of the Museum of British Folklore project. A long-term idea which aims to establish the UK’s first ever centre devoted to celebrating and researching the UK’s rich folkloric cultural heritage.

Plan and idea: Swarovski Wien in cooperation with Simon Costin
Photographer: Inge Prader
Motif: Flora
Model: Anja Stany/ Wiener Models
Make-up: Einat Dan
Wig: Costume collection of ART for ART
Golden Adele
Basic costume: Costume collection of ART for ART
Design: Cathy Strub
Surface treatment and design: Marlena Gubo / Life Ball
Assistant: Florian Eidherr