Pets in the city



Even dogs love to go swimming when it’s hot in town. Here are some places, where you can go swimming with your beloved animal.

Badeteich Hirschstetten

A little outside of the city, you can relax with your dog in separate zones.

Directions: bus lines 83A, 95B stations Eibischweg, Ziegelhofstraße and Bibernellenweg, right next to the lake.

Prater Heustadlwasser

Right in the city center, you and your pets can jump into the Heustadlwasser. Next door, you’ll find Rosenwasser, a little pond where swimming with your dog is also permitted.

Directions: bus 77A Stadionbad


The island in the river Danube is freely accessible. You just have to watch the signs, where dogs are prohibited. You can walk your dogs for miles and miles and can jump inside the fresh water.

Directions: U1 Donauinsel, U6 Neue Donau, U2 Donaumarina, Donaustadtbrücke or tramway 31 Floridsdorfer Brücke

Obere Alte Donau (Ferdinand Kaufmann Platz)

There’s a designated area where you can walk your dog and jump into the fresh water together.

Directions: tramway 31 or bus 20B Hubertusstraße


Kaiserwasser is pretty close to the Vienna International Center and a fantastic day to spend a day with your friendds and your pets.

Directions: U1 Kaisermühlen VIC


Mühlwasser is in the 22nd district.

Directions: bus 92A and 93A Kanalstraße or Mühlwasser


In the south of Vienna you can swim with your dog in the pond near Wienerberg. But please don’t forget to put a leash on your dog.

Directions: tramway 67 Otto-Probst-Straße