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Gay clubs and parties in Vienna

There are three permantent gay dance clubs in Vienna. Some time ago, we used to call them discos. All of them are open on Fridays and Saturdays and before public holidays.

Red Floor

The latest addition to the Viennese gay clubs is the Red Floor. It’s in the basement of Red Carpet and a great place to have fun. It’s open from Thursday to Saturday. Together with the Red Carpet, it’s the biggest permanet gay location in Austria.

Why Not

It’s the oldest gay dance club in Vienna and therefore an institution. Many gay generations have grown up with Why Not. If there’s no other gay event in the city - which happens very rarely, to be honest - you can always rely on Club Why Not.

Wiener Freiheit

This “Viennese freedom” - an allusion to the place in Hamburg has been open since 1995 on three floors and with three bars, as well as a huge dancefloor. The prices for drinks are as cheap as nowhere else. The interior is very fluffy and kitch, but cosy. It’s rather a blue collar place.

ζωή - ZOI @ Hades

Wien’s neues, wöchentliches Gay Clubbing im Herzen der Stadt!