EuroPride Vienna 2019

EuroPride Vienna 2019 Logo

EuroPride is Europe’s biggest annual event dedicated to LGBTIQ acceptance and pride, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from across Europe for a wide range of entertainment, cultural, political and community events. More than a million people are estimated to come to Vienna for EuroPride in 2019.

“We are so excited that Vienna has been selected to host EuroPride for the first time since 2001, and to showcase the joy and diversity of Austria’s LGBTIQ community. EuroPride is a chance for all LGBTIQ Austrians to come together, celebrate pride in ourselves and in our community, and to advocate for a more equal and just future,” said Lui Fidelsberger, (female) president of Homosexuellen Initiative (HOSI) Wien, Austria’s oldest and most significant LGBTIQ organisation.

Europride Vienna 2019

“The theme for EuroPride 2019 is ‘Visions of Pride’, which recognises that while every LGBTIQ person is different, we also share a common vision of dignity and equality,” added Ian Goudie, managing director of Stonewall Ltd., a company founded by HOSI Wien to carry out all its EuroPride activities and to organise other LGBTIQ events. “We look forward to showing visitors that Vienna is the beating heart of LGBTIQ Europe, and to advocate for the equal treatment of all European citizens, no matter who they are or who they choose to love.”

Europride Vienna 2019

EuroPride 2019 will be launched at the Rainbow Ball on 28 January 2017, with special appearances by the official EuroPride Ambassador, an internationally known Austrian artist, whose name will be revealed on that occasion, and other international guests. The event will also see the unveiling of the official EuroPride 2019 website and logo and the “Creating Equality” poster campaign.*

Europride Vienna 2019

To get Vienna ready for 2019, EuroPride Vienna is also hosting a number of exciting activities this and next year. In 2017, these will include:

  • The Rainbow Island Summer Festival
  • The official Rainbow Parade After Party
  • A Family Pride Day at the Schönbrunn Zoo
  • Vienna’s first White Party
  • Absolutely Fabulous Wine Tours
  • Austrian LGBTIQ Youth Conference.

Funds raised through these events will be used to finance EuroPride activities in 2019 and projects of HOSI Wien and other LGBTIQ organisations, especially in support of LGBTIQ youth suicide prevention programs.