Weltmuseum Vienna Japanese collection

Ethnografic Museum Vienna

After extensive renovations, Weltmuseum Wien reopens again its world renowned collections to the public. The collections is largely based on the travels of archduke Ferdinand - later assasinatet in Sarajevo and the immediate resaon for starting World War I - and the souvenirs he brought along from his journey round the world. Other parts of the collection feature the inheritance of British seafarer and explorer James Cook (1728-1779).

It features more than 200,000 ethnograpic pieces, 100,000 historic photos and 146,000 printed works on history, culture, art and everyday live of mainly non-European ethnicities. The treasures are amongst others from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, Siberia, South-East Asia, Central and Southamerica, China, Korea, Japan, Oceania, Australia and the Himalaya Region.