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This years colour again: very Vienna-like “Schönbrunn yellow”. There’s more entries, more info and more service!

GAY IN VIENNA isn’t just online, but alos offline - hence the name “Offliner”. If you cannot or just don’t want to access the mobile website, just get your copy in one of almost 200 venues where the Offliner is available.


Daily events

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The cool thing about the Offliner: If you scan the QR-Code in the categorie “Clubs & Events” with your smartphone, you’ll be automatically transfered to the events of the day on www.gayin So there’s no excuse cause you’ll know what’s going on in the Vienna. And it easily fits into your pocket.

You can also just download the Offliner as PDF and print it on your desktop printer soon. So get your copy and we wish you a lot of fun exploring Vienna!

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