Mia Soho the new face of car2go

car2go Mia Soho neue Kampagne

The car sharing company „car2go“ has come up with a new face: Drag Queen Mia Soho. The group shows his ongoing support for the LGBTIQ community through this campaign and the new testimonial Mia. Again in 2015, car2go sets a sign for acceptance and tolerance as a member of the 20th Rainbow Parade on the 20th June 2015 around the Ringstrasse in Vienna.

Mia Soho car2go

Vienna, April 2015 – „A lot of meetings during the week always requires much flexibility. The concept of car sharing is in tunes with the times.“, so Mia Soho. „Nearly at every corner in town I can easily get a Smart to rent for my next drive. And the time saved is enormous, if I would have my own car I would also need to take care of it, changing tyres for example. I can better use this time for shopping (laughing)“, says the Drag Queen.

Mia Soho car2go

Over 500.00 customers of car2go enjoy illimitable mobility in 25 European and North American cities. „Sharing is caring“, Vienna a liberal-minded, tolerant city takes this concept very serious and is one of the worlds leading city in this field. car2go offers urban, maximal mobility without the requirement of a fixed position.

„Car2go means boundless freedom to move from A to B in a very short time. No matter if you use the car for trips on a weekend or to meet your friends at the other side of the city for a coffee. In connection with other public transports I’m able to reach every place of the city“, tells Mia Soho during showing some pictures about her experiences with car2go.

car2go also took part in the Rainbow Parade in 2014 togehter with the Rainbow Souts and a little flotilla of Smarts and a huge truck. It was quite obvious that the car2go staff had at least as much fun as the rest of the participants of the parade.