VIECC Vienna Comic Con 2017

60 star guests, more than 55 hours of program and their own craft beer - this is what this year’s edition of the VIECC Vienna Comic Con (VIECC), which takes place on 18 and 19 November in the Messe Wien, offers.
Premiere for VIECC Craft beer “Aurora Craft”.

From the point of view of Star Tref fans - and the editorial team is fully satisfied - there will be 3 special highlights this year.

Captain Lorca from USS Discovery - Jason Isaacs

His fans know Jason Isaacs through his role as villain Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. But also as a commander of a star cruiser makes the originating Liverpool actor a good figure. As of September 25, Isaacs will be seen exclusively on Netflix as Captain Gabriel Lorca of the TV series Star Trek: Discovery. On the 18th and 19th of November VIECC visitors will also be able to marvel at Jason Isaacs at Messe Wien. That’s when the newly-minted Star Trek Captain arrives as star guest at the Vienna Comic and Entertainment Expo. Isaacs is available for autographs and photos at the VIECC and participates in a panel.

Max Grodénchik

The Great Nagus Rom of the Ferrengi Alliance graces us on the way to the station Deep Space 9 with his illustrious visit. Do not forget your slips made of gold-pressed latinum for an audience.

Chase Masterson

The Great Nagus has his Bajoran wife Leeta, formerly a Dabo girl in the bar of Quark, Rome’s brother on the Deep Space 9 station.

For the third edition of VIECC, organizer Reed Exhibitions has come up with something special and introduces the first VIECC Craft beer. The idea comes from the ReedPOP colleagues from America, the creators behind the New York Comic Con (NYCC). Their Brooklyn Defender IPA is already in its sixth edition. In Vienna, beer brewing has taken over 100 flowers from the Atzgersdorf Brewery. Owner and master brewer Alexander Forstinger has created a craft beer from water, malt and the specially full-bodied Aurora hops, which is now the first official VIECC Craft beer as Aurora Craft.
Hollywood visits Vienna

The stars of film and television are also very popular at the VIECC. Star guests include Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange), John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), Temuera Morrison (Star Wars) and many more. All stars are available for autographs and photos with the fans (buying a token in advance is required).

Biggest Comic-Lineup ever

The line-up of the comic stars at the VIECC is impressive. Superstar Scott Snyder, the man behind Batman, American Vampire and Superman Unchained, has made a name for himself. Emanuela Lupacchino is also one of the international comic stars, and Adi Granov, known as the draftsman of Iron Man, X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America and many other Marvel heroes, are guests of VIECC 2017. The list of all stars:

Cosplay-Stars fly to Vienna

All-rounder Alodia Gosiengfiao is a megastar of the international cosplay scene and guest of the VIECC 2017. In addition, Liui Aquino, Lux Cosplay, Aigue-Marine, Nana and reigning Cosplay World Champion Okkido have announced themselves as guests of the VIECC 2017.
Influencer Video Con

Around 30 influencer stars from Austria and Germany show the influencer Video Con, organized by diego5 studios. Among them are the Lochis, Chaosflo44, the comedy-size Kim Lianne, Joanna aka Cute Life Hacks, the gamer Venicraft, DATV, the musician Jannik Brunke, Alina Evita, Sam Mashgati, Beatboxerfii and many more. All information about the event at

VCA Vienna Challengers Arena: Austrias biggest League of Legends turnament

Together with Riot Games, the VIECC launches Austria’s largest League of Legends tournament, the Vienna Challengers Arena (VCA). All players who have reached the LoL Summoner level 30, are at least 16 years old and come from Germany, Austria or Switzerland can participate. The VCA semi-finals and VCA finals will be held live during the VIECC. To this end, the organizers are incorporating a more than 2,000 m² eSports arena into the VIECC. The semifinals in the Best of 3 format on November 18th (Saturday) and the finals in the Best of 5 format on November 19th (Sunday). All information at
VIECC Vienna Comic Con 2017