Vienna City Gayathon 2017

Karina Kitchovsky Vienna City Tunthatlon

The Vienna City Gayathon is a Viennese community institution. Disciplins are:

  • handbag long throw
  • high heel torch rellay
  • synchronized ironging.

The teams consist of three members of every gender or orientation and Katharina Kitchovsky herself is the president of the gaylympic commitee. She will be supported by a jury of glitzi glam (F) celebrities. The moderation will be handed over to Queen Mum & die Schefin, the ever popular tandem. You just got to see this!

The hosts: Queen Mum, Die Schefin, Katrinka Kitschovsky, Sound by Le Jardin International de la Musique La Mireille Milieu.

Photos from Vienna City Tuntathlon 2016

Photos from Vienna City Tuntathlon 2015

Fotos vom Vienna City Tuntathlon 2016